Reflection on 2018

Having participated in numerous exhibitions and trade shows, both as exhibitors and as visitors, it is safe to say that 2018 was a busy year for Mantec Filtration. As well as our sales department being fully occupied working on hundreds of new leads generated from these shows, our manufacturing facility was especially busy with the production of components for new orders across several industry sectors. Not only that, 2018 saw the launch of a new product range and staff appointments to enhance our manufacturing team.

Many orders have been completed for the chemical and petrochemical industries, where a variety of difficult problems have been overcome by using these proprietary porous ceramic media – superior materials that are chemically inert, safe, stable and which can also withstand in-process temperatures up to 900°C.
In 2018, for instance, Mantec’s ceramic tubular diffusers were specified for a number of major municipal waste water treatment (WWT) plants in Europe.

In addition, Mantec’s porous ceramic media Coralith C5 was re-approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) for suitability with water for domestic purposes. 2018 also brought the launch of our micro-bubble diffuser, specially designed to provide fine oxygenation within the Aquaculture market. Successful field trials have already resulted in repeat sales.

Mantec maintained success in 2018 in the supply of its Star-Sep membrane technology and associated ceramic substrates for the OEM market. Star-Sep membrane filters have been specifically developed for high efficiency crossflow microfiltration. The ability of Mantec to tackle complex geometries has also resulted in sustained sales of the Puremet range of filters – where a highly specialised ceramic material is formed into a reticulated, irregular, 3D open-cell network of filaments for the metal casting market.

We have continued to invest in people, having recruited staff in key operational areas and by facilitating ongoing training to some members of staff in business administration. We are confident that 2018 will be looked upon as a successful year and plans are well on track for continued growth for 2019 and beyond.