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Ozone Compatible Diffusers

Ozone Compatibility

Ozone is increasingly used to replace chlorine as an agent for killing bacteria and traces of pesticides in potable water. Unlike the chlorine traditionally used, it disappears quickly and leaves no aftertaste. It is typically dispersed into the water not as a pure gas but as an oxygen/gas mixture, usually delivered at a rate of 4 to 5 mg/litre through a series of fine bubble diffusers.

Mantec’s Ozone compatible ceramic diffusers are produced with a finely controlled porosity and pore size. Our porous ceramic materials have a long record of applications in the diffusion of gases into different water treatment processes and because the material is chemically inert, they are particularly suitable for ozone.

Features of Ceramic Diffusers

  • High gas transfer efficiencies
  • Available as tube or disc
  • Controlled pore sizes (pores from 15 to 650 micron allows material selection to suit specific applications)
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes (can be designed to specific requirements)
  • Long history of accepted performance
  • Ease of installation
  • Compatible with many gases (Ozone, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide) *

* Subject to correct seals being used.