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Diffusers for Aquaculture

Ceramic Micro-Bubble Diffusers for Aquaculture

CORALith Ceramic Micro Bubble Diffusers for Aquaculture

Following successful field trials of a new micro bubble diffuser designed for the fish farming industry, Mantec has launched an enhanced variant of the product into the market place under the brand CORALith. Building on our heritage of supplying more than 300,000 ceramic diffusers in the past 20 years, this new micro bubble diffuser introduces very small bubbles into the body of water, resulting in more surface area per unit volume and greater oxygen transfer exchange. In addition, agglomeration of bubbles as they rise to the surface is minimised.

Mantec has been active in the supply of ceramic diffusers into the aquaculture sector since the 1990s. In recent times, the sector is increasingly demanding diffusers which produce the finest bubbles to ensure adequate and efficient oxygenation of the water in which fish are farmed. The need for finer bubbles is grounded on maximising the oxygen transfer at greater water depths.

With this in mind Mantec’s new diffuser is based on a porous ceramic tube, having a closely controlled pore size of one micron. This results in even, fine bubbles to produce efficient oxygen transfer. Fitted with two square PVC end caps, the CORALith diffuser assembly can be positioned in the tank in any horizontal orientation, without the operator having to be concerned that the diffuser is sitting flat on the base of the tank. 

Furthermore, the diffuser has been designed to minimise any potential leak paths, thereby ensuring the efficiency of oxygen transfer. Thanks to its robust construction, the operator need not be concerned about removing the diffuser from the tank when the oxygen feed remains switched on. In addition, the hose tail coupling does not rely on push-fit connections, instead it is secured with a British Standard Pipe thread to provide a secure connection with the mating hose.

Features of Mantec’s Ceramic Micro-Bubble Diffuser

  • Micro bubbles for efficient oxygen transfer
  • Large surface area
  • Robust construction
  • Square end caps for installation in any horizontal orientation
  • Strong hose tail connection alleviates risk of detachment from the mating hose
  • Available in various lengths up to 1 meter