Water Regulations Advisory Scheme re-approves Coralith Material

Mantec’s porous ceramic media Coralith C5 has been re-approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) for suitability for contact with wholesome water for domestic purposes having met the requirements of BS 6920-1:2000 / 2014 ‘Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regard to their effect on the quality of the water’.

\"WRASThe approval has been held by Mantec for over 20 years and was due for renewal in the summer of 2018. The application process for the renewal entailed sending a representative sample of our Coralith C5 material to an independent laboratory where it underwent stringent metal extraction testing in accordance with BS 6920-1:2000 / 2014. The sample was determined to conform with the requirements of BS 6920-1 and the results sent to WRAS for re-approval.

WRAS is involved in work which contributes to the protection of public health by preventing contamination of public water supplies and encouraging the efficient use of water by promoting and facilitating compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Byelaws in Scotland.

This permits Mantec to utilise the WRAS Approved Material logo in respect of this particular material in our promotional literature. Please click here to view or download our letter of approval.

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