ARMOURLith Robust Ceramic Filters

ARMOURLith filters have been designed with robustness in mind for duties where traditional ceramic filter candles with integral flanges fail due to weaknesses in construction and inherent stresses caused by the method of installation.

Traditionally flanged ceramic filter candles are installed into the vessel through holes in the filter plate in the upper section of the chamber. The filters are held in position using the integral flange for location, leaving the stem of the filter hanging inside the vessel.

With the ARMOURLith filter, this conventional integral ceramic flange is replaced with a 316 stainless steel head piece, which is connected to the end cap by means of a tie rod. This keeps the whole assembly in compression, forming a robust, mechanically sound, filter unit which alleviates the possibility of breakage through tension.

Mantec Filtration has many years experience in the manufacture and selection of ceramic filters for gas/air filtration. Our range of porous ceramic elements meet industrial demands for an effective and highly efficient filter to remove solids and traces of free oil and water from compressed air, gas lines and industrial processes.

Liquid filtration is presented with similar problems to air and gas when faced with high temperatures and aggressive acidic conditions. Ceramic elements prove to be reliable and cost effective solutions to removing solids from water, chemical and petrochemical products, and other processes.

Please click here to download our product data sheet.

Please click here to download our product data sheet.


For further information on Mantec and our range of ceramic filters please contact:

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