Mantec Filtration launches new Micro-Diffuser for the Aquaculture Market

After successful field trials of a new micro-diffuser designed for the fish farming industry, Mantec is now in a position to launch the product into the market place. The new micro-diffusers introduce very small bubbles into the body of water, resulting in more surface area per unit volume and greater oxygen transfer exchange.  In addition, agglomeration of bubbles as they rise to the surface is minimised.\"Micro-Diffuser

The demand from the aquaculture industry is increasingly requiring diffusers that produce the finest bubbles to ensure adequate and efficient oxygenation of the water in which fish are farmed.  The need for finer bubbles is grounded on maximising the oxygen transfer at greater water depths.

With this in mind Mantec’s new diffuser is based on a tubular porous ceramic substrate, having a closely controlled pore size distribution, onto which a uniform ceramic membrane coating is applied to provide an extremely fine pore size.  This results in even, fine bubbles to produce efficient oxygen transfer.  Furthermore a coating is applied to the ends of the ceramic tubes to ensure a leak free connection with the seals of the mounting assemblies.

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Main Image used courtesy of Norsk Havbrukssenter Used under Licence