Bench Scale Crossflow Filtration System for essential Pilot Plant Trials

For most liquid filtration and separation applications, pilot plant trails are essential in order to determine whether the properties of the filtrate, or indeed the retentate, are of the desired quality. Such trials are also crucial to optimise the filtration / separation process are an important pre-cursor to scale-up. To facilitate such trials, Mantec Filtration offers a bench scale filtration system. Often a two-step process, trials generally begin with a simple small-volume feasibility test, in order to generate samples for lab analysis and first pass system economics. If this looks promising, then larger scale pilot plant trials can be undertaken to enable the specification and design of the full-scale plant.

 Mantec has the expertise and all the necessary plant and equipment to carry out extended continuous product trials. When customers require a pilot plant to carry out their own evaluation and trials, Mantec is able to offer a range of trial plants, filters and equipment for rental – with full training and support.


Mantec’s Bench Scale Crossflow Filtration system has been designed to facilitate the production of small batches (between 1 and 5 litres of feedstock) and for lab trials to optimise filtration parameters for scale-up. Incorporating 1 x filter housing, filtration takes place through a Star-Sep ceramic filter.

The Star-Sep ceramic filters are available in various pore sizes from 0.2 microns to 1.2 microns.

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