Ceramitec 2018

Mantec Filtration is pleased to announce its participation in the forthcoming Ceramitec trade show, taking place from 10-13 April 2018 in Munich, Germany.

\"\"Not only will Mantec be showcasing its Pyrolith and Coralith ceramic filters, but also its extensive range of ceramic membranes and substrates. Among this range is the Star-Sep\’\” ceramic membrane filter, which has been specifically developed for energy efficient microfiltration, and an array of ceramic fine bubble diffusers. In addition to its filtration products, Mantec will also be exhibiting its range of refractory products for use in kilns and furnaces.

Mantec\’s high quality ceramic substrates are specifically manufactured for the membrane OEM market and are available in various geometries. The substrate has been developed such that the OEM can deposit an effective membrane coating onto the channels for use in applications such as pervaporation, microfiltration and ultrafiltration.

The organisers of Ceramitec 2018 have confirmed that technical ceramics continue to be an important part of the upcoming show.

“The further development of technical ceramics opens up new sales/application potentials for the industry, for example in the automotive sector, in aerospace or in medical engineering,” stated Robert Schönberger, exhibition group director. “This means an added value for the visitors of Ceramitec 2018: On the one hand, they will receive information on raw materials, additive manufacturing, machines and kilns for the production of components made of technical ceramics; on the other hand, they can view and appraise the most diverse technical components from ceramics materials.”

Mantec’s sales manager Joe Reilly added, \”Here at Mantec we have been working hard on further technical development and believe we have a portfolio of ceramic-based filtration solutions that answers the needs of the majority of industrial users.\”

We look forward to your visit!

Mantec Filtration is a division of Mantec Technical Ceramics Ltd.

For more information on Mantec Filtration\’s participation in Ceramitec, or about our range of specialist filtration and porous ceramic products, please contact:

Joe Reilly
Sales Manager
T: +44 (0)1782 377550
E: jreilly@mantectc.com