Energy Efficient Crossflow Filtration

Mantec’s Star-Sep™ ceramic membrane filter has been specifically developed for efficient crossflow filtration.

Star-Sep Ceramic Membranes for Energy Efficient Crossflow Filtration

The filter channels’ unique ‘star’ form increases the filtration area and induces turbulence at lower crossflow velocities. Not only does this lower the volume compared with a circular channel of the same diameter, but also results in a reduction of the pumping energy requirement. The cost effectiveness of the process is therefore substantially improved.

With a constant crossflow velocity, it is beneficial to design the filter channels with maximum circumference (or perimeter), giving rise to a greater membrane area. At the same time, it is important that the filter channels are designed with a minimum cross-sectional area in order to reduce the retentate flow required to maintain this constant velocity.

The design of the Star-Sep™ ceramic membrane filter incorporates both of these features, resulting in a 20% increase in filtration area and a 30% reduction in cross sectional area (and hence volumetric flow) when compared with a circular channel of the same diameter.

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