Mantec to bring new Micro-Diffuser to the Aquaculture Market

The aquaculture industry is increasingly demanding diffusers that produce the finest bubbles to ensure adequate and efficient oxygenation of the water in which fish are farmed.  The need for finer bubbles is grounded on maximising the oxygen transfer at greater water depths.

Oxygen Transfer is the process of introducing oxygen into the water by converting it from its gaseous state to a liquid state.  The new Micro-diffusers will introduce very small bubbles into the body of water, resulting in more surface area per unit volume and greater oxygen transfer exchange.  In addition, agglomeration of bubbles as they rise to the surface is minimised.

During the past 2 decades, Mantec has supplied around 300,000 ceramic diffusers to industry.  These have chiefly been installed into waste water treatment works, primarily to provide oxygen transfer and as a secondary function, to provide mixing.  The company has WRAS approval on its Coralith ceramic media and is well versed in manufacturing porous ceramics with particularly fine pore sizes.  Due to a recent surge in demand from our customers for finer bubbles, Mantec is exploiting this expertise to develop a new ceramic micro-bubble diffuser especially for the aquaculture sector.

The design of the diffuser will be based on a tubular porous ceramic substrate, having a closely controlled pore size distribution, onto which a uniform ceramic membrane coating is to be applied to provide an extremely fine pore size.  This will result in even, fine bubbles to produce efficient oxygen transfer.  

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