Food Contact Compliance

Mantec Filtration is pleased to announce that its porous ceramic filter media Coralith and Pyrolith, along with the alumina material used to manufacture ceramic crossflow membranes have been certified for Food Contact Compliance and that the products meet European Regulation 1935/2004.

Mantec's PYROLITH porous ceramic filter media.
Mantec’s PYROLITH porous ceramic filter media.
Mantec's CORALITH filter media.
Mantec’s CORALITH filter media.

Mantec’s PYROLITH and CORALITH porous ceramic filter media is used in a wide range products including tubes, tiles and discs for applications such as filtration, crossflow microfiltration, fluidisation, aeration and diffusion.  Its CROSSFLOW FILTER BODY material is used in the production of ceramic membranes for crossflow filtration.

The regulation is in place to ensure that the ceramic products must not transfer their constituents into foodstuff.

Please click here to view our Declaration of Compliance.

Food contact material testing is intended to ensure that contact materials provide adequate protection against contamination, and that materials that come in direct contact with food are not themselves a source of harmful contaminants. Specific testing can include testing for concentrations of specific chemicals and potentially harmful substances, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals and phthalates. Tests assess specific physical characteristics of contact materials, such as stability and durability, while still others evaluate the potential for microbiological infiltration and contamination.

The food contact compliance tests were carried out on behalf of Mantec Filtration by Stoke-on-Trent based Lucideon, a leading provider of materials development, testing and assurance. The testing addressed the issues of leachates and detects any leached elements such as lead and cadmium. The tests proved conclusively that there was no leaching from any of the three ceramic products tested.